Sharing of tasks

On the institutional side there are 4 criteria of relevance to socialisation. An institution where each of these has been met, can be regarded as one whose socialisation has been optimised. Where they have only partially been met, the institution has achieved a minimum or partial level of socialisation.

Sharing of tasks

An institution operating in a socialised way continuously seeks for ways for involving residents in the performance of its functions, by transferring the possibility and responsibility of implementing activities in part or in full. This applies to all of the institution’s activities for which communities have resources (primarily manpower) and know-how.

Where a given institution initiates the “outsourcing” of various activities or projects to communities that have connections with it, it must pay particular attention to properly defining the tasks to be taken care of by volunteers and those of the institution’s own staff. For practical advice on this see our publication entitled “Practical guide to the establishment and operation of institutional volunteer programmes” („Gyakorlati útmutató intézményi önkéntes programok létrehozásához és működtetéséhez”).

This article based on the following document:

Socialized Operation of Cultural Institutions : A methodological guide to community-based operation