Terms of Use and Privacy Notice

Terms of Use and Privacy Notice

By visiting www.cskwiki.hu you, as User, agree to accept the below „Terms of Use and Privacy Notice” regarding use of the website.

The terminology of this regulation is in correspondance with the terminology detailed in the 4th article of the EU General Data Data Protection Regulation. Some relating parts of the Act CXII of 2011 (“Privacy Act“, last modified on 25. May, 2018) are also added.

This website and all of its contents are properties of the Acting communities – active community involvement (EFOP-1.3.1-15-2016-00001) project (hereafter referred to as „Owner”), operated by the National Széchényi Library (hereafter: „Operator”). Any questions, observations or requests for information regarding the setup, structure or contents of the website can be forwarded to the Owner and the Operator via Nagy Andor e-mail címe.

Links or references may appear on our site relating to other webpages. Please be informed, we do not controll or oversee these pages, and our data protection rules does not apply to these sites. We kindly advice to read all other sites’ regulations You may visit.

I. Intellectual property provisions

  1. Owner reserves all rights of usage of all or parts of the content (text, graphic designations, built-in visual elements, photographs, etc.) published on the website. Usage of content is only permitted by explicit written permission issued by the Owner.
  2. User acknowledges that he/she must provide the original sources of all content uploaded and published in his/her entries (including media files used for demonstrational purposes).
  3. User guarantees that there are no extant third party copyrights in effect on  the content he/she publishes and that such content is free to be published on the Acting Communities Wiki website.
  4. Owner bears no responsibility or liability for the application of documents by a third party to whom the Owner has not permitted right of applicability.
  5. Both parties agree that regarding any issues not mentioned and/or elaborated in this document of terms and conditions, the directions of the 1999. [Hungarian] Law LXXVI. and of the [Hungarian] Civil Code apply. Both parties agree to mutually engage in attempting to settle any disagreements amicably and in good faith.
  6. The parties agree that the User, by publishing his/her own intellectual product on the website, automatically certifies all rights of usage of said intellectual product to the Owner and users of the website. User also agrees to that he/she shall not make any copyright/literary property claims for such materials further on. User is obliged to transfer his/her rights representing assets to the Owner in accordance with the regulations of the 1999. LXXVI [Hungarian] law. User acknowledges that any copyrighted content uploaded by him/her to the Acting Communities Wiki, once uploaded, is subject to be used unrestrictedly by the members of the Consortium, whom acquire full ownership of said content, including the right to transfer said content to third parties. Owner agrees to credit authors/creators when using their content – that, as mentioned earlier in, and according to, this Agreement, by uploading/publishing on the Wiki, automatically becomes property of the Owner.

II. Provisions of data protection

Our data protection policies regulate our practices regarding user data collection, usage and sharing. Please read the terms and conditions in its entirety before submitting any data on the website www.cskwiki.hu.

  1. Owner is observant to the website’s visitors’ rights to data protection and shall only store and use their data after notifying User and visitor about the aim, duration and purpose of storing and using their data, and only in case the User and/or visitor provided such data voluntarily, or in case such data are required in order to use a feature of the website, or, finally, in case law obliges Owner to do so. Visitor may, in writing, order Owner to remove his/her personal data – in this case, Owner is obliged to delete all such data, unless Owner is obliged to keep said data in accordance with law. If  granting personal data to Owner is a requisite of using certain services of the website, User loses access to such services upon deletion of his/her data.
  2. The Owner shall proceed in maintaining and processing personal data according to operative Hungarian and EU data protection law and Hungarian governmental recommendations.
  3. In case the Owner causes damage to User by failing to fulfill data protection requirements, Owner is obliged to compensate User to the extent of such damage.  In case such damage occured in Owner’s processing of personal data, compensation is to be made by the data administrator.
  4. Passive data collection takes place while User is using the website, concerning data such as Internet Protocol address, cookies, Internet tags and navigational data collection. This data collection is an essential requisite to use the website. By visiting the website, you agree to become object for passive data collection.

III. Other provisions

Owner may change the terms and conditions described herein. Any changes made shall apply from the time they are published on the website.

Relevant laws

Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information

Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services

Act XCVIII of 2003 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services about the changes of Act CVIII of 2001

Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities

Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Freedom of Electronic Information

Act C of 2003 on electronic communications