Welcome to Hungary’s unique, freely editable wiki site of communities and community development!

This wiki’s primary focus is to share the methodological development results of the Acting communities – active community involvement (EFOP-1.3.1-15-2016-00001) project in a way that is free for all to develop further. In accordance with wiki system values, we provide opportunities to:

– browse articles that were either written by professionals, based on the methodological guides they created in the project, or entries contributed by the community (available only on the Hungarian version of the website);
– opine on, modify or create articles (modification and article creation are only available on the Hungarian version of the website);

Articles are published in two versions: vetted/reviewed articles are not editable, however, their community versions are – the latter are awaiting your participation: comments or modification suggestions are all welcome (only on the Hungarian version of the website).

Details about the project: http://cselekvokozossegek.hu/rolunk/a-projektrol/