User’s Guide

This menu provides help to using the Acting Communities Wiki. Information presented here is constantly under development, partially based on user feedback.
Articles are published in two versions:

  1. Reviewed/vetted articles cannot be edited, these entries represent the official professional standpoints of experts working within the project.
  2. Contents of a articles editable by the community identical to that of vetted articles, however, these can modified and commented upon. New articles created by you are also placed here. Once a community-edited article is approved by the editorial board, it can be transferred to the section of vetted articles.

Please format any articles you wish to upload according to the format of vetted articles.

The graphical guided user interface gives scope to utilize most formatting procedures, however, a published article must meet the „AA” level requirements of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, which requires complex formatting.

Using such complex formatting is optional, however, if you wish to publish your article as an entirely accessible one, please consider the following guidelines when creating your entry: accessible formatting of wiki articles.