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“The school community service is an organised individual or group, non-financial support activity that serves the interests of the local community and the personal development of high school students. It is a pedagogical tool that achieves its goals by the logic of preparation, activity and processing through experience pedagogy, experiential learning and project methodology. The service is not primarily aimed at helping institutions, but at people or supported beings (animals, plants, environment, etc.). It can be considered as a starting point, an introductory step (hallway) to becoming a true volunteer, which can trigger later volunteering activities. It has the same aims as volunteering (solidarity, sense of responsibility, sense of usefulness), which is broadened by the pedagogical goal. Their motivation is different from volunteering, as every student in full-time education is required to complete 50 hours of service as a prerequisite for graduation. Translating the pedagogical goals of community service (12 principles) into practice (through preparation and reflection) can help students find their individual motivation in carrying out activities. ” [1]

[1] Bodó M.: Segédlet az iskolai közösségi szolgálat megszervezéséhez. 2015. Budapest: OFI, EMMI

This article based on the following document: This article based on the following document: Practical Guide for the Establishment and Operation of Volunteer Programmes at Institutions : abridged English version