Institutional volunteering

Since the International Year of Volunteers (2001), a great number of documents have been devoted at UN and EU level to the definition of volunteering. These often abstract definitions and strategies have helped local decision-makers understand the significance of the area. The information contributed to the development of country-level development plans and the launching ofContinue reading

The introduction of a new volunteer program involves several steps. In this case, two basic cases can be distinguished. First, when the organisation has not worked with volunteers in an organised manner before, and the volunteer programme itself and the appearance of volunteers is also new to the life of the organisation. In this case,Continue reading

Recruiting volunteers also means transparency as volunteers get behind the scenes and get much more information about the organisation, internal relationships, and difficulties than the target group of the organisation. Be sure to be aware of this. Many organisations are scared to involve volunteers, unpaid helpers in their operation. However, the purpose of awareness isContinue reading

Recruitment of volunteers seems to be a major challenge for many organisations, but with systematic planning you have a good chance of finding the right helpers. The settlement involved can influence recruitment efficiency, but well-structured recruitment activities can produce results everywhere. There are a few things to think about before you start recruiting. Here areContinue reading

To review the colourful, diverse list of activities, we summarise the coordinator’s duties and skills, primarily based on the project documentation of the European Union application entitled Wake-Up Call: Volunteer Manager Role![1]. The coordinator’s tasks are summarised in the list below. [2] Developing strategies  and regulations for involving volunteers, including strategy development, strategy implementation, evaluation of volunteer contributionContinue reading

“The school community service is an organised individual or group, non-financial support activity that serves the interests of the local community and the personal development of high school students. It is a pedagogical tool that achieves its goals by the logic of preparation, activity and processing through experience pedagogy, experiential learning and project methodology. TheContinue reading

It is essential to evaluate the applications received during the recruitment process in accordance with your initial expectations and to invite those candidates who are undoubtedly appropriate to us for a personal interview. Even so, you may be disappointed. It is definitely worth making a second round selection and inviting the people whom you areContinue reading

Wake-Up Call with the participation of five countries in the Central and East European region between November 2014 and April 2016: The Volunteer Manager Role project26 examined the volunteer coordinator position. The project participants (Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Latvia and Romania) agreed on the need to improve the quality of volunteer management activities. As a resultContinue reading

Before hosting volunteers, the organisation must clarify many aspects that provide the framework for volunteering. Here it is basically about the well-defined expectations of the organisation. The following issues are worth considering: To which organisational unit does the Volunteer Programme relate and how? How does the Volunteer Programme fit into the organisational mission and vision?Continue reading