Museum andragogy

Museum andragogy studies the opportunities of adult education and adult training by museums, museum institutions, civil communities, organizations tasked with the protection and safeguarding of cultural heritage, and aims to explore the patterns which make achievements in learning, training, self-education, personal development ‘in all areas of life’ more effective for adult individuals and communities within an intra- or extra-institutional framework provided by museums.


Kurta, M.: Múzeumandragógia – Paradigmaváltás a múzeumi kultúraközvetítésben. [Museum andragogy – a change of paradigm in the presentation of culture in museums]. In: Pató, Mária (ed.) Nyitott Kapukkal Múzeumok ma-holnap 2007. [Open door museums today and tomorrow] Nyíregyháza-Szolnok, 84-95. 2007, Budapest, Hungarian Institute for Culture

This article based on the following document: Community development methodological guide