Community survey

The community survey is a door-to-door method of activating, with the involvement of the locals. The elements of the method: the questionnaire drafted by the local community based on the issues explored during the interviews and community discussions are delivered to the households, the questionnaires are then collected, processed, and the results are published. Each step of the community survey is conducted by active members of the local community, with help and support from the community developer.

What is the purpose of a community survey?

  • A wide range of opinions on matters of local interest may collected, also revealing the local community’s motivations and capacity to act.
  • Positions and opinions will be expressed even by those who have yet not done so because they have never had the opportunity or wish to do that personally.

The questionnaire will address everyone in the community, and participation in the survey and in the ensuing community actions is encouraged. This extends the group of those actively involved in the community process, making the existing one stronger.


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This article based on the following document: Community development methodological guide