Community planning

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Once community planning exists, the method of planning is not a question anymore. Community planning is the only method that gives birth to community-based and community-developed programmes, if the affected parties are involved in the programme and become active implementers of it. In addition to the fact that involvement into the planning process has methods and steps, the situation and the willingness and capability of the individuals to be involved and connected with the programme, has to be taken into account and the preparation of the individuals for these is an important task during the preparation phase. For this reason, a lot of time has to be dedicated to preparation, because we have to make the participants capable to plan and the motivation of the affected parties has to be developed. In case of people living with any kind of disadvantages, empowerment is an inter-professional activity: the social, educational, health-care, cultural and other professional fields complete each other very well if they apply sustainable and community approach and attitude.

Identification of the groups targeted locally: It is especially important that during the process of community planning, we jointly identify the groups affected/targeted from the perspective of equal opportunities and that we specify the priorities jointly. It would be illusionary to expect from a project that lasts for a couple of years to have achievements in case of each affected party.

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