Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms – community exhibition at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum

An exhibition marking the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the Sikh Khalsa was opened in 1999 after several years of international professional cooperation. One of the institutional aims of the exhibition was to reach an audience of South-Asian origin. Even as early as in the planning stage the museum cooperated with multiple partners. Half of the exhibits were taken from the museum’s Sikh collection, while others were hired from private individuals and institutions, from Great Britain, the United States of America, France, India and Pakistan. In addition to invited researchers the preparations involved residents of Sikh origin, and Sikh organisations, from the above countries, participating in scientific preparations and the selection of the objects to be hired. One of the key objectives of the exhibition was to show Sikh traditions and have them accepted in the local community. To this end, the institution organised information disseminating and awareness raising programmes in museum pedagogy and other adult programmes involving the local Sikh community and they even organised traditional Sikh (religious) festivities and like events for the community.

This article based on the following document:

Socialized Operation of Cultural Institutions : A methodological guide to community-based operation