Glossary of terms

Provision of public library services; support to cinemas and performing arts organizations, local protection of cultural heritage; support for local community cultural activities;   Local public issues and local government tasks to be taken care of as locally manageable public tasks, especially:   Cultural services, especially the provision of public library services; support of film,Continue reading

Cultural tourism is the core of a tourist product, the appeal or attraction being the central element, raising the interest on the demand side, and on which the tourist infrastructure is built, directly, on the one hand, aiming to explore and to sell it, and on the other hand, indirectly, a superstructure providing for theContinue reading

Inventory of local values discovered through community participation in the action area, which is the basis of social and economic development processes being launched in the given municipality or district. Local values are of eight categories: agri-food business, health and lifestyle, built environment, industrial and technical solutions, cultural heritage, sports, natural environment, tourism and catering.Continue reading

Generating economic development processes building on local cultural and community resources; promoting conditions for cultural tourism, cultural rural development, creative and community economy, providing access to information and communication technologies.   References: Act CXL of 1997 on museum institutions, public library services and community culture – proposal for amendment   This article based on theContinue reading

In accordance with the definition of the World Bank, a person with a daily income lower than USD 1.90 is considered to be living in deep poverty. The phenomenon, however, is more complex than this, and may not be measured simply by income. The most precise picture of deep poverty is offered by the setContinue reading

One of the key competencies required for life-long learning. It involves the confident and critical use of Information Society Technology (IST) for work, leisure and communication. [1] Digital competence is a decisive element of a citizen’s life and competitiveness on the labour market.   References: [1] (seen: 15. 08. 2018.)   This article basedContinue reading

We must constantly bear in mind that community development processes may generate expected and unexpected results in the community and its environment, beyond the planned achievements. An effect is any process or a factor which appears in the community involved in the community development process and its immediate environment, but not as a planned achievement.Continue reading

The public display of living creatures, natural treasures, objects and goods supported with relevant information, based on a particular theme. Their types, on the basis of character and subject matter:   Artwork exhibition Display of objects, usually outstanding examples of fine and applied arts (artifacts of creative, applied or folk art, photographs and the materialContinue reading

Formal learning [1] typically takes place in educational and training institutions, and is completed with a certificate, diploma or qualification recognised by the state. This type of learning is structured in terms of learning goals, learning period and support, and is intentional on the learner’s part. It is offered in the framework of primary, secondaryContinue reading

The institution’s friends collect funds under the auspices of the institution, ideally under its direct control, for purposes such as to finance services or to enhance quality not funded by the institution’s budget, on the basis that the organization makes otherwise fee-paying services available for this group at a reduced price or sometimes free ofContinue reading