Situation analysis

Situation analysis Community discussion Definition Community discussions (or a series of them) are meant to uncover the experiences, values and community problems noted during the community interviews, to be adopted and discussed by the community. These community discussions are to be arranged among the interviewees, the neighbours and acquaintances they want to involve, and theContinue reading

Situation analysis Community interview Definition Community interviews are an important method of initiation, of addressing and involving the population. Although conducted one-on-one, the term ‘community’ is used because the subject of these interviews is the local atmosphere, the connection between individuals and the community, the content of local identity, development plans and the capacity toContinue reading

Situation analysis Community survey Definition The community survey is a door-to-door community-building and activating method actively involving the locals, which addresses (and involves) everyone in the municipality, thus extending the number of people acting for the public good. Purpose of the activity To extend the group of local activists. To collect of a wide rangeContinue reading

Situation analysis Local action plan Definition A plan built on the results of the community survey, including the needs of the locals along with their plans for their personal future and for their municipality, in the implementation of which the locals are actively involved. Purpose of the activity The purpose is to involve self-organizing citizensContinue reading