Exploration of local resources

Definition Collection and exploration of documents on local knowledge, research on community memories, the totality of information on a specific place and of the related documents. It may be a community activity or a professional one performed in libraries, museums and archives, looking for, collecting, systematising, exploring, conveying and publishing information and documents. Purpose ofContinue reading

Definition The concept of the intangible cultural heritage (French: patrimoine culturel immatériel) relies on the words intangible/immatériel to express its non-objectified nature. The intangible cultural heritage is a traditional and living community identity, perpetually recreated and handed down in words and in practice. The intangible cultural activity is never static: it is such knowledge thatContinue reading

Definition A knowledge pool is a list of names and addresses of local human resources – experience, talent, knowledge and interest – represented independently, as part of a knowledge pool or in another local publication such as a calendar, village book, yearbook, newsletter, programme booklet, noticeboard, etc. The knowledge pool provides for a direct formulation,Continue reading

Definition Study groups are small, self-organizing groups whose participants meet regularly to follow a study plan they have designed, to discuss certain topics, or to conduct cultural activities. The work of study groups is based on the experience of individual members, who aim to learn from one another and to think together about a subjectContinue reading