Actions, activities, events, programmes and processes

Definition The community exhibition is one way to reach out to and involve the citizens, as it is created at the initiative of the given community, it focuses on local culture, local history, traditions, (individual or community) performances, natural and social values, well-being, the relationship between the individual and the community and the content ofContinue reading

Community action has a twofold meaning in this guide: on the one hand, it refers to a community activity intended to achieve a single goal using a single method. An activity is also considered an action when the impact is significantly more complex than the goal (e.g. the goal is to arrange a community exhibition;Continue reading

Definition Neighbourhood festivals are an important method of reaching out to individuals and involving them. Genuine neighbourhood festivals are an addition to the predetermined initiatives of the stakeholders, as an externally added programme contributing to local intentions. Such an occasion provides an opportunity for meeting each other, gathering information and finding points of connection atContinue reading

Definition For the purposes of this guide, anything achieved as a result of the activity or collaboration of the locals or their communities in the process of community development will be called a community achievement, regardless of whether it is part of the community action plan. Any event or activity organized by the local communityContinue reading

Definition Open meetings for a specific purpose with the participation of community members, where issues and problems on the local community’s mind are dealt with to make sure that a given problem receives community response. These may be structured discussions performed in small groups to give rise to joint thinking (e.g. conversation groups, neighbourhood councils,Continue reading

Local publicity and its development Definition Public communication of a municipality (or part thereof) about matters that may affect the local community in any way. Local publicity relies on information – information made publicly available, received, processed, actively discussed –, and on the communication of opinions and positions thus shaped. Communication runs among the localsContinue reading